My process
makes your special day run smoothly





What happens?

  • To get married here in NZ you need a valid Marriage Licence.
  • To apply and obtain the licence you must confirm your Marriage Celebrant and you must confirm the place where the ceremony will take place. You should select an alternative venue as a backup in case of weather or unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from marrying at your primary venue of choice.
  • You must complete a ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ and take that into an Office of a Registrar of Marriages.
  • You will need to pay the fee and sign the statutory declaration before the Registrar of Marriages stating that you are free to marry.
  • From the Registry Office you have to apply for a Marriage Licence. (this can take up to 5 working days to process).
  • Once the Marriage Licence is ready you have to collect it.
  • They will give you two identical copies and a self-addressed return envelope.
  • You will have to take both copies and the envelope to the wedding. Both get filled in. You will keep one and I will send the other to the Registrar.
  • You can order a Marriage Licence Certificate by filling out the form on the back of one of the Licence copies or you can do it online from the Registrars website

What I do for you

  • My motto is ‘Your day, Your way”
  • There are only a couple of formalities that are required of you. The official paperwork and witnesses. Each of the Wedding parties must answer one legally required sentence. Eg. “Do you ?” “Yes”
  • I can write the ceremony as you desire it, as long as you want it and delivered as you want it (the legal context has to remain).
  • You decide who speaks, the music, the songs, the readings, poems, you can have it as a fancy dress ceremony or as a themed ceremony …. Essentially you can do what you want and what is going to make you both happy